Global Survey Sees Seven Out of Ten People Wanting to End Plastic Pollution

Ahead of next week’s inaugural negotiations on what will be included in the UN’s plastics treaty, WWF and Plastic Free Foundation release an Ipsos survey showing that an average of seven out of 10 people polled across 34 countries believe that the treaty should create binding global rules to end plastic pollution.

This finding supports a growing number of UN member states that are pushing for the world’s first-ever plastic pollution treaty to include global rules and regulations for the production, design, and disposal of plastic rather than a patchwork of national or voluntary standards.

The survey, which polled 23,029 respondents online, is the first body of research to explicitly ask citizens from around the world about what a global treaty to address plastic consumption and pollution should look like, and what particular rules people think are important or unimportant.

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Phontham Visapra