Go Vegan To Fight Climate Change?

A study by J Poore and T Nemecek titled, ‘Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers,’ published by the University of Oxford revealed that food production is responsible for 26 percent of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, contributing to global warming. The study showed that animal products contribute 58 percent of food-related GHGs.

This environmental impact will likely worsen due to rising meat consumption that is driven by growing wealth and urbanisation. 

Asia’s seafood and meat consumption will increase by 78 percent in 2050, according to an Asia Research and Engagement’s (ARE) 2018 report titled, ‘Charting Asia’s Protein Journey.’ The study revealed that the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand would lead demand growth, while Indonesia’s meat consumption will overtake India’s by 2036 at around 7.5 million tonnes. 

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The ASEAN Post Team