Govt, Japan to further develop human resources in legal sector

To realise the government’s master plan of building the country into a state governed by the rule of law, Laos will continue to work with Japan to enhance their joint efforts to develop institutional and individual capacity in the legal sector. This was the key message delivered by the Vice President of the People’s Supreme Court, Mr Khampha Sengdara, when he addressed the 5th Joint Coordination Committee Meeting of the Project of Human Resource Development in the Legal Sector (phase 2), held in Vientiane on November 25. Mr Khampha said the project focused on implementing four activities: making civil law, writing handbooks on civil law and economics, writing handbooks on criminal law, and developing an education law institute. The working group members comprised officials and lecturers from the Ministry of Justice, the People’s Supreme Court, the Supreme People’s Prosecutor Office, and the National University of Laos. The group has systematically analysed legal theories and practical issues relating to the civil code, civil procedure and criminal procedure, and developing a handbook summarising the result of the analysis.

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