GT investigates: Who are the mouthpieces of US-led war of public opinion on “Chinese dams’ threats” along Mekong River, and what are their typical methods?

US’ politicization of ecological water issues in the Mekong River for the purpose of tarnishing China’s reputation via launching rhetoric battles has become more trendy. The Stimson Center, a US-backed think tank, again bashed China in February for allegedly “holding a massive amount of water” and “might need to be paid to release water for downstream communities afflicted by droughts,” marking the US’ latest efforts to sow discord in the area. 

Misrepresentation and biased reports aimed at the dams China has built along the Mekong River have intensified. What’s behind it is a long-planned and extensive war of public opinion orchestrated by US officials, think tanks, the media, and activists in support of such actions, the Global Times found out. 

With a large investment funneled into the grooming of the mouthpieces of this discourse campaign, the US is trying to turn the Mekong River basin into a new battleground against China similar to the South China Sea. 

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Hu Yuwei and Zhao Juecheng