Hongsa Power provides 100 houses for families displaced by construction

Hongsa Power Co., Ltd. has built 136 houses and other essential infrastructure to accommodate people who had to move from their homes in Kiewngiew village, Ngeun district, Xayaboury province, when the company extended its mining operations.

The 136 new houses have electricity and water connections, while there are also roads, drainage, kindergarten and primary schools, a village office, a market, and a health centre in the new neighbourhood.

This is considered to be a complete infrastructure response for the 114 families displaced from Kiewngiew village.

The new amenities were officially handed over on Wednesday at the resettlement office, ahead of the families’ relocation.

Hongsa Power is supporting Laos’ socio-economic and educational development. Every year, the company provides scholarships for children in Xayaboury province, mostly in Hongsa, Ngeun and Xienghon districts.

The company has also provided financial support for the government’s response to Covid-19.

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Phomphong Laoin