How Lao PDR Can Connect Health, Environment, and Economic Recovery

To mark the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies, the World Bank is publishing a Country Environmental Analysis for the Lao PDR, analyzing how the country can use its commitment to greener growth to stimulate economic recovery from the current slowdown, and to improve health across the Lao population.

The theme for this year’s Clean Air Day is “Healthy Air, Healthy Planet”, emphasizing the huge impact of air pollution on human health aspects, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic. The new World Bank report investigates the causes and effects of air pollution in Laos. Household air pollution in the country is mainly caused by solid fuel for cooking, traditionally carried out by women, and contributes to the high rate of respiratory diseases. Outdoor air pollution is rising as more vehicles take to the roads, smog builds up in the agricultural burning season, and coal-fired power stations are built.

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