How researchers are using leeches to track rare animals in Vietnam’s mountains

For decades, scientists have struggled to find certain rare and endangered mammals in the vast Truong Son Mountain Range, which stretches from Vietnam’s northern provinces to Lam Dong Province in the Central Highlands. Now, a group of scientists has come up with a creative way to track the even the rarest of animals.  

Though humans have conquered most of our planet’s dry land, scientists estimate that there are still millions of animal species yet to be discovered.

In Vietnam, however, scientists are more concerned with hunting down species that have already been discovered but are often difficult to find in the country’s dense tropical forests.

Conserving these secretive, often endangered animals, is a top priority for Vietnam’s environmentalists, but the success of that mission depends on how much they are able to learn about the animals. So, the question remains: How can scientists study creatures they can’t even find?

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Le My / Tuoi Tre News