How to better manage meat imports

Hoang Thanh Van, director of the Department of Breeding under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, speaks to Kinh Te Do Thi (Economics and Urban Affairs) newspaper about managing imported meat. Domestic breeders worry that imported meat will compete with domestic breeding products and decrease domestic breeding products’ prices. What do you think? Firstly, imported meat occupies only seven or eight per cent of total meat for consumption, so it will not strongly affect the market. Last year, Viet Nam imported nearly 10,500 tonnes of pork, 22 per cent of which from Poland, 16.2 per cent from Spain, 13.1 per cent from Germany, 10.1 per cent from the US and 9.7 per cent from Brazil. This number is small compared with Viet Nam’s total meat production. In pork, Viet Nam produces a fairly great amount of pork at good quality. 

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