Imported meat becoming more popular

A report from the Department of Livestock Production showed that in the first seven months of 2015, Vietnam imported 210,000 cows from Australia, which was even higher than the total import volume of the year before. In 2014, Vietnam imported 181,000 Australian cows, or 2.7 times higher than 2013. Imported beef sells very well in Vietnam despite the high prices. US beef is priced at between VND550,000 per kilo and VND850,000. Meanwhile, Japanese beef is ‘as expensive as gold’: Kobe A5 tenderloin is sold at VND4.58 million per kilo. Australian beef is more affordable to Vietnamese with the price of between VND250,000 and VND590,000 per kilo. Meanwhile, high-quality Angus tenderloin is priced at VND975,000 per kilo.

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