Kasy town to be relocated to make way for railway

The urban centre of Kasy district in Vientiane province will be relocated to an area near the Kasy road to allow for construction of the Laos-China railway. A plot of flat land located in the Kasy road area has been allocated, requiring the relocation of about 400 houses and government offices that currently line Road 13 North. Director of the provincial Public Works and Transport Department, Mr Soumountha Somchanmavong, told Vientiane Times on December 30 that dirt roads have already been built in the area where the town will be relocated. About 400 buildings will need to be demolished as the railway will pass through the town and a 100-metre section of land will be fenced off along either side of the railway in this part of Kasy. We have suggested that a 50-metre section of land bordering either side of the railway be fenced off but we don’t know if the railway management will allow this, Mr Soumountha said. If railway officials accept the 50 metre measurement, not all of the 400 properties will have to move.

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