Koh Kong Villagers Seek Land Dispute Resolution From Interior Ministry

More than 300 people from Koh Kong province protested in Phnom Penh on Monday over more-than-decadelong land disputes with companies that were granted concessions by the government, and that demonstrators say pushed them off their plots.

The protesters, from Kiri Sakor, Botum Sakor and Sre Ambel districts, gathered in front of the Interior Ministry to submit a petition seeking invention from Interior Minister Sar Kheng, before moving on to demonstrate in front of the Land Management Ministry, where they had protested many times before.

Saing Puy said she represented 26 families from Kiri Sakor and Botum Sakor districts who were engaged in disputes with Union Development Group (UDG) for 10 years, after the Chinese company had encroached on 432.7 hectares claimed by villagers.

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Khut Sokun