Lao businesses join efforts to fight malnutrition

The European Union Delegation and World Food Programme hosted a business leaders networking cocktail night to establish the Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network at the country level in Laos. Vice-Minister, Ministry of Health and Chair of the National Nutrition Committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr Phouthone Moungpak, European Union Ambassador to Laos, Leo Faber and WFP Country Director, Ms Sarah Gordon-Gibson, as well as almost 100 representatives from government line agencies, businesses, donors and other development agencies, civil society and academia attended the event held at the European Union Delegation in Vientiane last week. SUN is a global movement to end malnutrition. The SUN Business Network is one of the four global networks and aims to mobilise and intensify efforts from the business community in support of the SUN Movement. Globally, there are 261 companies publicly committing to scaling up nutrition both through global platforms and the growth of national platforms. Laos joined the SUN movement in 2011 and the Secretariat to the National Nutrition Committee is taking a leading role in bringing together the UN, civil society and donor networks.

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