Lao PDR supports China’s Global Initiative on Data Security

The Lao PDR has supported the Global Initiative on Data Security Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi proposed at the virtual International Seminar on Global Digital Governance on Sep 8.

The Lao PDR notes that the initiative is beneficial to a number of countries in the region and international community in term of socio-economic development for technology advancement, information security, national security and collective interest.

Mr Wang Yi said as the digital economy is thriving in China, the country has taken a constructive role in multilateral discussions on data security including at the UN, G20, BRICS and the ASEAN Regional Forum. “We look forward to the active participation of all parties,” he said.

Wang suggested that states should handle data security in a comprehensive, objective and evidence-based manner, and maintain an open, secure and stable supply chain of global information and communications technology (ICT) products and services, according to China’s national news agency Xinhua.

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