Laos urged to better assess impacts, provide effective mitigation measures, as Luang Prabang dam moves forwards

Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam requested Lao PDR to conduct rigorous transboundary impact assessments and enhance proposed measures to mitigate potential adverse impacts from the 1,460-megawatt Luang Prabang hydropower project, as the Mekong River Commission concluded a six-month prior consultation process for the project.

At a Special Session of the MRC Joint Committee yesterday, the three notified countries said they appreciated the Lao government’s submission of the project for prior consultation, and its cooperation in providing additional data and documents and willingness to accommodate comments and recommendations from Member Countries and stakeholders. While the three countries recognised the sovereignty and rights of Lao PDR in making any decision towards the development of the Luang Prabang project, they requested that Lao PDR take due account of their recommendations outlined in their Official Reply Form.  

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Mekong River Commission Secretariat, Vientiane, Lao PDR