Laos weather bureau official dispels Mekong flood concerns

There is no need for immediate public alarm about potential flooding of the Mekong River despite widespread reports of floods in neighbouring countries, especially China, a sector official has confirmed on Monday.

The official from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s Meteorology and Hydrology Department, who did not wish to be named, told Vientiane Times on Thursday that China’s floods were not affecting Laos.

“This is because the overflowing rivers in China are flowing east and not affecting Laos,” he said.

According to a China Daily report on Thursday, citing the China Meteorological Administration, heavy rainfall would move into northern China in the next 30 days while continuous rainstorms that hit and flooded southern parts would subside.

Since June, seven bouts of heavy rainstorms have hit about 64 percent of counties in southern China.

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