Low dry season flows in Mekong drive down Cambodia’s Tonle Sap, countries urged to improve basin-wide management

The Mekong River Commission (MRC) Secretariat has urged the wider exchange of data and information as part of recommendations to improve water resource management in the Lower Mekong Basin, in a bulletin released today.

The 18-page Situation Report encourages MRC Member Countries and Dialogue Partners to share operational data to garner a deeper understanding of recent changes in Mekong mainstream flow patterns and to address any potential impacts on the riverine communities.

“For the sake of better management of the basin and of good faith cooperation, both Member Countries and China should notify any planned major changes in the operation of hydropower projects and share that information with the MRC Secretariat. This is important where such operations may result in abnormal rises and falls in water levels,” says Dr An Pich Hatda, MRC Secretariat Chief Executive Officer.

He also invites other platforms monitoring Mekong River levels to coordinate and verify data with the MRC Secretariat to ensure the public is kept adequately informed.

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