Lower Mekong Basin project underway to ensure water security

A $15 million project to enhance cross-border groundwater management and strengthen water security in the Lower Mekong Basin is being developed by Cambodia and Vietnam, with a focus on improved governance and sustainable utilisation of the Cambodia-Mekong river delta transboundary aquifer.

“The project will benefit both countries [by strengthening] water security in the Lower Mekong Basin [which is] home to approximately 35 million people, important habitats and ecosystem, as well as a source of national economic activities and development,” said Antonio Schiavone, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) representative in Cambodia.

“In the face of climate variability, changes and increasing pressures on water resources, the project will pilot solutions for improved groundwater management and use, and increase capacities on groundwater governance,” he added.

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Lay Samean