Mass shrimp deaths in Tra Vinh

Changeable weather and careless farming in Tra Vinh Province has caused pollution and killed a large number of shrimp in the area. As of March, Tra Vinh had over 7,000 households raising nearly 600 million black tiger shrimp and 2,240 households raising 524 million white leg shrimp. Changeable weather causes diseases, mostly hepathopathy in black tiger shrimp and white spots, to spread. As of now, over 987 households already lost 44 million black tiger shrimp and 75 million white leg shrimp. Nguyen Van Tuoi, a farmer in Long Hanh Hamlet, said, “I raised over 100,000 shrimps in four ponds and they all died. I haven’t dared to continue raising shrimp. I’m afraid that they will continue dying.”

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