Mekong basin water levels back to normal long-term averages

The Mekong River Commission(MRC) yesterday said the water levels across the vast majority of lower Mekong basin have now returned to their normal long-term averages.

The announcement was made after the MRC last month called member countries and Dialogue Partners to improve the management of the Mekong River through greater data sharing, transparency and cooperation.

However, MRC said water levels are still lower than those during the 2018 and 2019 dry seasons. The drought since June last year brought the Mekong water level across the basin to a record low, lower than ever recorded since measurements began 60 years ago.

MRC said in its statement yesterday that based on water monitoring, early rainfall across the Mekong region this month contributed to putting back the Mekong River levels to their normal state.

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Ben Sokhean