Mekong countries’ diplomats call for more experience sharing in water governance upon in-person visits to China’s dams

Mekong River countries’ diplomats expressed that they value the scientific, regulatory effect of Chinese dams on water resources, following their latest in-person visits to the main hydropower stations along the Lancang River, recognizing China’s role in bringing practical benefits to downstream sustainable development and calling for more experience sharing through Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC).

After visiting the Nuozhadu and Jinghong hydropower stations, built on the Lancang River – upstream of the Mekong River that links six riparian countries – in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, from Monday to Thursday, envoys learned about the running techniques of Chinese-built dams and underlined the potential contribution of reservoirs to downstream communities in regulating flood and replenishing drought.

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Hu Yuwei in Yunnan