Mekong Delta boosts sustainable development

Despite many difficulties, localities in the Mekong Delta have devoted considerable resources to education and science and technology, thus contributing to promote regional socio-economic development.

However, investment in this field still faces difficulties and limitations that requires more attention to make education, science and technology become the driving force for sustainable development in the Mekong Delta.

As a purely agricultural province still facing many difficulties, Hau Giang has spent a considerable amount of its budget on education, science and technology. From 2004, the total investment budget for construction of schools and classrooms in the province has reached about VND3.6 trillion, of which local people and businesses contributing more than VND338 billion. Thanks to efforts to develop the network of schools and classrooms, up to now, all temporary classrooms have been eliminated, while the proportion of solid and semi-permanent classrooms has reached 94.6%. 80% of the 331 schools at all levels in the province meet national standards, with educational equipment suitable for the requirements of teaching and learning innovation. Since then, the quality of local education and people’s intellectual level have been improved. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the rate of students passing the national high school exams in Hau Giang reached more than 98%.

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