Mekong Delta creating favorable conditions to attract investment

Statistics from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) show that out of 47 million tonnes of straw per year, only 20 percent is used as straw mushroom beds, cattle feed, cushion for fruit transportation. The rest is either burnt (20 million tonnes such each year in Vietnam) or buried in rice fields, which is a huge waste.

Lately, in Vi Thuy District of Hau Giang Province, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has introduced advanced machines to roll or mix straw to turn it into organic fertilizer. Obviously, the need for investment in the agricultural field is extremely high to make better use of produce and its by-products.

At present, the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry is launching various measures to synchronize agricultural mechanization, which means a great need for collaboration between private businesses and agricultural cooperatives in the Mekong Delta to invest in machines to offer necessary services to farmers.

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