Mekong depth set to dip

The Mekong River’s depth in Chiang Rai’s Chiang Saen district is expected to drop by about 1.3 metres today, as a dam in China’s Yunnan province reduced its discharge rate last week, a river monitor warned.

According to a warning on Saturday by the Mekong Dam Monitor, an online Mekong River monitoring network, communities downstream of the Jinghong dam should prepare for a sharp dip in water levels on Monday of up to 1.3 metres.

The National Water Command Centre (NWCC) also issued a warning to provinces along the Mekong River to brace for sharp drops in water levels, as the dam’s operator slashed its discharge rate to 1,854 cubic metres (m³) per second, from 2,525m³, on Friday and Saturday.


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