Mekong giant salmon carp seen once again in Cambodian waters after two-decade long disappearance

Cambodia is known for its natural resources and rich biodiversity and in recent years the conservation work has seen increasing populations of endangered animals. Researchers reported that the Mekong giant salmon carp, which has not been seen in the Mekong for two decades, has returned to the waters.

Dr Heng Kong, Director of the Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute, and Thach Panara, Director of the Laboratory of the Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute of the Fisheries Administration said, “In Cambodia, we have more than 500 species of freshwater [fish], including 58 species protected by law (29 species of freshwater and 29 species of saltwater), and more than 100 rare fish species.”

The Mekong giant salmon carp (Aaptosyax grypus) was sighted in the Mekong for the first time in two decades. The fish was seen in Stung Treng, the same province where Boremy – a giant freshwater stingray – was caught and crowned the largest freshwater fish ever caught.

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