Mekong nations urge Laos to review Luang Prabang dam impacts

Neighboring countries have called on Laos to consider the cross-border environmental impacts of a hydropower plant it plans to build on the Mekong River.

Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand expressed concern after the Mekong River Commission (MRC) completed a six-month consultation process for the Luang Prabang Dam project on Tuesday. The MRC is an inter-governmental organization that works directly with the governments of Indochina countries to manage shared water resources.

Construction of the 1,400-megawatt Luang Prabang was set to begin this year.

The three countries said in a proposal put forward at a meeting of the Mekong River Commission Joint Committee that Laos should take measures to reduce the potential harm from the project.

The committee comprises senior officials at no less than Head of Department level from the four countries.

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