Mekong Turns Blue, Again

Thailand’s space development agency has released the satellite photographs showing the water color of the Mekong River has turned to blue-green, while the river has been experiencing unusually dry again since early this year.

The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency or GISTDA has released the photographs on its FB Page showing in comparison the Mekong River’s color, which has changed from light green in early January to blue this month.

The agency said this was a stark contrast of the water color of the river, not to mention that it is supposed to be brownish following normal sediment loads.

The agency noted that the aquamarine hue of the river has reflected how low the water levels in the river have dropped over the past month. Some bedrock river bottoms or sand bars in the middle of the river and by the riverbanks have become clearly visible, the agency said.

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