Mekong Water Levels continue to rise and more inundation feared

The Mekong River Commission (MRC) has forecasted a sharp rise in Mekong water levels in Kampong Cham and Kratie over the next five days.

In its daily forecast, the MRC’s Regional Flood and Drought Management Centre in Phnom Penh projected an increase of more than two metres in Kampong Cham by Sunday.

That would bring the Mekong to within about one metre of the local alarm level — and four metres above the average for this time of year, when annual floodwaters are usually falling.

In Kratie, water levels are also forecast to rise by about two metres, to within two metres of the alarm level and six metres above average.

In Koh Kel in Kandal province, the Bassac River is forecast to rise by about one metre and to within about two meters of the alarm level.

The main distributary of the Mekong is forecast to reach the average level for this time of year on Sunday.

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