Military Chief seeks balance between health safety and livelihood security

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the country military chief, urged the civilian authorities to keep a balance between the need for health safety and livelihood security in implementing policies aimed at controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Senior General conceded that the rate of infection of COVID-19 has become a major cause for concern for the country, especially in urban areas where an estimated 17 million of the country’s over 54 million people are residing.

“That is why we must not be careless at all,” he said in a meeting with senior military commanders last week.

He pointed out that he country also has to face other problems that have the same socio-economic consequences as the pandemic.

“We can’t consider only from the aspect of the prevention and control to save lives but also livelihood survival,” he said.

The strict movement restrictions imposed by the different regional and state authorities in a bid to protect their own territories from the COVID-19 menace, has been slowing down the flow of goods, affecting the livelihood, not only the city dwellers but also the rural folks, who comprised of nearly 70 percent of the country’s population.

Authorities have also imposed movement restrictions among residents in urban areas, such as Yangon and Mandalay, causing severe economic dislocation among odd-job workers, including street vendors, among others.

As of October 10, Myanmar reported2158 new COVID-19 cases, the highest daily infection rise since the disease was first detected on March 23.

The Health and Sports Ministry has reported 26,064 cases, with 598 deaths and 7050 recoveries. 

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Sai Wanna