Ministry makes Savannakhet forest national conservation area for Eld’s deer

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on Monday named the Eld’s deer conservation forest in Savannakhet province as a national conservation area for the endangered species.

The announcement was made at the Ecosystem Conservation Centre in Xonbouly district of Savannakhet to mark the National Day for Fish Release and Aquatic and Wildlife Conservation, according to Lao National Radio.

The Ministry worked in cooperation with the Savannakhet Provincial Administration Office for the measure.

The government plans to develop the conservation site as a new natural tourism site to generate more income for the local people so that they can improve their lives and protect and improve the forests and biodiversity.

An official from the Forestry Department said the Eld’s deer conservation forest was a provincial conserved forest before being upgraded to a national conservation area. This is also the first wildlife conservation area in the country.

The protected forest covers 130,000 hectares in the five districts of Xonbouly, Thapangthong, Phalanxay, Songkhon and Phin. Most of the forest falls within Xonbouly district.

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