Ministry to help Thais become caregivers in Japan

The Labour Ministry plans to organize a training programme for Thais who want to work as caregivers for the elderly in Japan, after law changes in that country prepare to open the industry to foreigners. In Japan, a recently passed law on nursing care will allow foreign workers to fill jobs as carers for the elderly from next year onward. on November 18, 2016, members of the House of Councillors of Japan passed a law regarding nursing care which will take effect in 2018. Japan will allow foreign workers to plug personnel shortages in the industry as many Japanese do not want to do such tough and frequently low-paid work. Theerapon Khunmuang, director-general of the Department of Employment, said the Department of Skills Development is designing a course for Thais caring for the elderly. The three-month course will teach skills necessary for caring for seniors, said Mr Theerapon, adding participants will be required to work as an apprentice at a registered caregiver for a month. 

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