Myanma railways to offer compensation for circular line upgrade affected

Compensation is on the agenda for Myanma Railways, as planned up- grades to the Yangon circular railway gather steam. Myanma Railways general manager U Htun Aung Thin told The Myanmar Times there would be negotiation and compensation for those affected by the project. “We held an event to explain how we will solve the problem related with shops, houses and plantations along the circular railway route,” he said. “We already did surveys and found a total of 34 places which will be affected by the project. We will provide compensation and allocate places for resettlement.” The ongoing upgrade project is being carried out in a partnership between Myanma Railways and the Japan International Cooperation Agency. This began in 2013, with the launch of the Greater Yangon Development plan. The circular railway upgrade project has two key sources of funding: one Overseas Direct Aid (ODA) loan from JICA, and the rest coming from the Myanma Railways budget.

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