NA members oppose single-judge court cases

National Assembly members have spoken out against having a solitary judge preside over even the smallest of court cases, which they believe is an easy path to unjust judgments. They took the stance at the debate on the amendment to the Law on the People’s Court during the ongoing NA session on May 10. The draft amendment stipulates that only one judge should sit for consideration of small cases – those cases relating to little economic value or cases in which the plaintiff and accused acknowledge guilt – although the law does not stipulate what constitutes a “small” case. Assembly member for Phongsaly province, Mr Chansy Sengsomphou, said he would like a minimum of three to five judges to sit in court, with a maximum of five to seven judges. “To ensure this theory complies with the actual circumstances, I would like many parties to participate in the process, to give their views and opinions so this will be more scientific and there will be clear translations of the law and the issues,” he said.

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