Natural disasters cost Ca Mau province over 43 million USD

Drought, rains, inundation and landslides have cost the Mekong Delta province of Ca Mau an estimated over 1 trillion VND (43 million USD) from the outset of the year, according to the provincial steering committee on natural disaster prevention, search and rescue.

More than 20,800 households faced a lack of fresh water due to drought, while 43,583 hectares of forest dried up and carried high risk of forest fire. Heavy rains and thunderstorms damaged 859 houses, 35,638 hectares of rice, over 578 hectares of other crops, 408 hectares of orchards, and more than 20,500 hectares of aquaculture.

Hundreds of kilometres of roads were damaged by inundation caused by torrential rains and high tides, while frequent erosions are taking place along 105 km of the coastline, with the most critical sections of Da Bac drainage- Moi canal and Moi canal- Tieu Dua.

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