Netizens Report Mass Chicken Deaths Across Laos

The Laotian Times spoke with an official from the Lao Farmer Network regarding a poultry disease that has been killing many chickens lately as discussed by several residents in Laos on social media.

Many Lao residents including foreigners living in Laos recently took to social media to state that many of their chickens started dying due to an unknown ailment. It started with the death of one chicken that eventually claimed the lives of others as well.

According to a Lao Farmer Network representative, late winter is a time when poultry sickness is the most rampant.

“This is one of the times when the bodies of chickens are at their weakest. It is when they are most exposed to major poultry diseases in Laos, such as Fowl cholera and Newcastle disease,” he explained.

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Phontham Visapra