New generation takes up cudgels against dam construction on Salween River

“When the Salween runs dry and we can cross it, that would be the end of the world,” is a saying widely believed by generations of locals who live on the banks of the river in Mae Hong Son province. In a proactive move, the locals, including many young people, gathered recently to oppose the proposed construction of a dam.

Marking the International Day of Actions for Rivers on March 14, many members of Generations Y and Z turned up on the banks of Salween River in Sop Moei district to join the call of the elders on the need to protect the river.

“I trust that Gen Y and Gen Z have the power to change their countries for the better. We will be the voice that authorities must pay heed to,” Lameethor “Som” Dangdanwiman said. She was among more than 50 youngsters aged 15 to 30 years old who decided to carry on the mission of protecting rivers and the many beings whose lives could be endangered if the authorities went ahead with the dam construction without paying heed to nature.

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