New stimulus package to boost spending power of low-income groups

The government will this week consider measures to increase the purchasing power of low-income groups and support small businesses.

Lavaron Sansnit, the director-general of the Fiscal Policy Office, said on Sunday that the Finance Ministry would urge the government’s centre for economic situation administration to approve the latest stimulus measures on Wednesday or Thursday.

Earlier, the government had said that it planned to spend Bt45 billion to boost consumption among grass roots people and support small businesses.

The Finance Ministry is working out details of the shopping stimulus. The government will support half of the daily consumption spending by low-income groups. The measure is expected to be implemented from October to December.

“We want to support as many people as possible, and people are expected to be invited to register for the scheme soon. The measure is aimed at supporting daily spending and reducing the cost of living; it is not a one-time spending on big items,” he clarified.

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