‘No to corruption amid state-land distribution’: PM

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday warned of legal action against anyone caught taking advantage of state-mandated land distributions, two days after he ordered several ministries to oversee the transfer of state-protected land to its long-term occupants.

The order was given to the Ministries of Agriculture, Land Management and Environment during a weekly Cabinet meeting held at the Peace Palace on Friday and is part of the government efforts to improve the people’s standard of living, a Facebook post by the premier said yesterday.

However, Mr Hun Sen noted: “People living in the state-owned lands are absolutely prohibited from clearing and/or encroaching on the forests to expand their portion of the land.”

He also warned against high-ranking officials and citizens of considerable wealth whom he said have previously hired residents to grab land in their stead and build between 10 and 20 cottages on the land at night.

“Relevant ministries and authorities have to carry out the land distribution thoroughly and avoid taking advantage of the process by keeping some land for their gain. Otherwise, they would receive punishment,” said Mr Hun Sen.

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Pech Sotheary