Nong Or development project to commence construction

The Nong Or project to develop a tourism site in Sikhottabong district, Vientiane will commence construction in the near future after a project design model was selected recently. The project is now awaiting approval from the Vientiane authorities after the developer, Kanghua Investment Co., Ltd, proposed the model, one of the project’s partners told local media recently. The project is projected to cost US$40 million, with the zone to feature a nature-themed tourism park, a shopping mall, apartments, hotels and entertainment venues. The project area covers some 24 hectares in Kaoliew village with the land concession granted extending for a period of 70 years. The project has already received the agreement of the Vientiane Administration Office, signed off on by Vientiane Planning and Investment Department Director, Mr Phoukhong Bannavong, Leading Real Estate Development Company President, Mr Qing Jikang and Automart Import-Export Sole Company President, Mr Thongsavanh Onkorlabout in January 2016.

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