October registration set for new Thailand 3,000 baht subsidy campaign for 15 million applicants

A new subsidy campaign has been launched by the government, allowing registered persons to receive a subsidy granting half the price of any of their purchases at participating stores with a cap of 3,000 baht per person throughout the campaign. Registration is set to open in October, for all Thai nationals.

The campaign called Khon La Krueng, which is essentially the revival of the previous Chim Shop Chai campaign last year, will provide a half price subsidy for purchases at eligible stores, with a total cap at 3,000 baht per person, available for 15 million successful applicants who must register themselves on the www.คนละครึ่ง.com campaign website by October.

This new campaign, as approved by the government’s COVID-19 economic recovery center, will have a more open eligibility requirement compared to other government campaigns related to the COVID-19 crisis. Persons who have already benefited from other campaigns, such as the payout, farmers compensation, social security, and welfare card program, are eligible to apply to participate in this new campaign.

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