One more year may be needed to complete civil code

One more year may be needed for the further development of Laos’ civil code while the drafting sub-committee must make a concerted effort to reach their target. National Assembly President Ms Pany Yathotou on May 16 summarised the Assembly’s debate on the draft of the civil code, which she  noted had lasted one and a half days. The Ministry of Justice introduced the draft to sound out the general opinions of Assembly members which will then be referenced in further development of the draft by an appointed sub-committee. “Late this year will not be a possible deadline for this draft to be approved by the Assembly,” Ms Pany said. According to Ms Pany, 39 members who had spoken out in support of the draft still wanted many parts to be improved. She said she agreed with the structure of the draft but wanted it to be more logical and comply with existing, promulgated laws. She stressed that the code needed to be enforceable and the stipulations it contained needed to be a legal tool that would help solve various current disputes.

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