Overwhelming majority approves Myanmar anti-corruption efforts

An overwhelming majority of the Myanmar people approved of the government’s efforts to stamp down corruption, the international anti-corruption watch group Transparency International said in a report released on November 24.

The report said Myanmar has the highest percentage of citizens among the 17 Asia Pacific Countries, including Japan and South Korea, who believed that their government has done a good job in fighting corruption. 

It showed 93 percent of Myanmar citizens think the government is doing well in tackling corruption.

Transparency International said the result of survey came as no surprise as during the last few years the government has shown unwavering political will to root out corruption that festered in the bureaucracy for over half a century of military rule.

It noted that anti-corruption initiatives for legal and institutional reforms have been rolled out in consistently for the last seven years, since the last two years of military government of U Thein Sein and the first five-year term of the country’s first civilian government under the leadership of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

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John Grafilo