Poverty Reduction Fund reports five years of success

Despite poverty reduction activities achieving real success over the past few years, the improvement of behaviour patterns in poor communities in remote areas should continue to be monitored. The lessons learnt from the implementation of poverty reduction projects were discussed at a meeting held in Vientiane on January 31 to review the activities of the Poverty Reduction Fund in its second phase from 2012 to 2016. More than 1,900 sub-projects in the fields of health, education, clean water, travel and agriculture have been implemented in the past five years, from which more than 1,300 poor villages have directly benefited. Half of the beneficiaries were women while 72 percent were people of various ethnic groups. Introducing the report on project implementation, PRF Director Mr Bounkouang Souvannaphanh referred to the evaluation of the projects by donors which revealed that 80 percent of the people in the communities served were satisfied with the outcomes and the projects remained in working order after two years of utilisation.

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