Push for Kep salt to obtain GI status

The Ministry of Commerce plans to push Kep salt to obtain geographical indication status thanks to the natural quality of salt in the province. Commerce Minister Pan Sorasak said the ministry was reviewing the possibility of GI status for salt farmed in Kep because the province is a limitless source of natural salt and seafood. “If the plan for GI status for Kep salt is successful, the province will be more attractive to investors and tourists and will help create more job opportunities and income for the people,” he said. “Salt is a partner of pepper. Our vision is to help Kep province with its GI products. We are studying Kep salt because many countries are interested in this product. “To care for people’s welfare and more than one million tourists who enjoy Kep province each year, the ministry is preparing some regulations in the commercial sector, including consumer protection laws, to empower local Camcontrol officials so they can monitor goods effectively,” he said, referring to the government’s import-export inspection body.

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