Sand mining contracts cause serious concerns

Sand mining is conducted mainly at open pits, beaches, inland dunes or from the dredging of ocean and river beds.

Sand is mined primarily to produce concrete for use in construction but this little-noticed and largely unregulated activity has serious costs  because it damages rivers and wreaks havoc on coastal ecosystems and has even wiped  away entire islands.

The growing demand for sand is driven by rapid urbanisation, including the ongoing building boom in Cambodia. and global population growth.

The announcement designates three locations up for bid in Koh Kong province. Those include 109 hectares in Ta Noun commune of Botum Sakor district, 882 hectares in Andong Toek and Kandal commune of Botum Sakor district and 464 hectares in Dang Peng, Chi Khor Kraom and Chrouy Svay communes of Sre Ambel district.

There are four spots up for bidding in Sihanoukville, including 318 hectares in Keo Phos commune of Stung Hav district, 81 hectares in Tumnob Rolok of Stung Hav, 60 hectares in Ou Chrov commune of Prey Nob district and 228 hectares in Ream and Ou Chrov communes of Prey Nob district.

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Jason Boken