Saravan’s stunning Kaengkou waterfall awaits visitors

Laos has abundant water resources that are among the main tourist attractions. But many of the country’s stunning waterfalls and cascades are unknown to visitors, including Kaengkou waterfall in Vapy district, Saravan province. This attractive landscape of flat rocks and large pools is one of 43 places that have been officially designated as natural tourism sites in Saravan, but hardly anyone knows about it or visits the area. This scenic spot is part of the Xedon River, whose waters pass through large flat rocks and gentle scenery. I myself have been there twice and it has become a firm favourite as a place to relax and spend the night, lulled by the calming sounds of the water and chirping insects. I have been there in the dry season when the water was low and I could walk across the rocks through shallow water. In contrast, I was also there during the rainy season when the water was higher and coursed faster, producing a much louder sound. On both occasions I stayed overnight and immersed myself in the natural world. It was refreshingly quiet and a great place to relax while enjoying a holiday away from Vientiane. But few people visit this area, as it is not widely advertised and very little information about it is available to tourists. 

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