Thailand announces ‘no-burning’ rule until end-April to prevent wildfires, haze

In a bid to prevent the spread of wildfires and haze in the country, the Thai government has imposed a three-month no-burning rule across all localities.

The rule, which kicked in on Feb 1, will be in effect until the end of April.

In a statement on Wednesday (Feb 15), Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister and Acting Government Spokesperson Anucha Burapachaisri said that Prime Minister Prayuth Chan o-cha has ordered all of the concerned agencies to discuss and come up with responses and preventive measures to curb the spread of wildfire.

“They are instructed to conduct after action review on the wildfire situation … to prevent the damage of wildfire spread to the environment, agricultural areas and people’s properties as well as to curb the rise of PM2.5 particulates in the air,” said Mr Anucha.

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Asyraf Kamil