Tra fish farmers in Mekong Delta suffer losses

From the beginning of the year, tra farmers in An Giang have harvested more than 250,700 tons of fish in 705 hectares.
The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development yesterday said that the prices of the fish presently are fluctuating from VND16,500 to VND18,000 per kilogram, approximately VND4,500 – VND5,500 lower than that in the same period last year.
Meantime, many fish farmers in the Mekong Delta region said that the price of tra fish is around VND22,000a kilogram and farmers suffered an average loss of VND4,000 per kilogram.
Tra fish price has gone down due to long-lasting impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in the world on production and export of the fish.
At present, the export of fish to the US, China, Thailand, Thailand, Hong Kong ( China) and India is facing difficulties. China tightened exports leading to a halt in fish export and price of the fish dropped dramatically.
Because of the decline of prices and export, tra fish farmers have cut feed for the creature to extend raising time and harvest time. Additionally, some farmers harvested big fish weighing 1.2 kilogram up to sell in local market to cut their losses.
According to the An Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s latest statistics, only fish-raising ponds of enterprises still breed the fish while small-scale farmers have switched to raising of tre, loc fish.
The Directorate of Fisheries said it is scheduled to raise around 1.43 million tons of tra fish in 6,600 hectares in the Mekong Delta region this year.

Huynh Loi - Translated by Uyen Phuong