Vietnam Has 3rd-Highest Sex Ratio Imbalance in the World, Report Says

Families are choosing to have more boys than girls, and experts worry this will cause problems in the future.

SGGP reports that new data from the United National Population Fund (UNFPA) shows that in 2019, Vietnam’s sex ratio was 111.5 boys per 100 girls, an imbalance behind only China and India. 

Vietnam’s gender ratio has been imbalanced since 2006, and Phạm Vũ Hoàng, deputy head of the General Office for Population and Family Planning, told the news source that this issue began in Vietnam later than some other Asian countries, but has worsened quickly. 

Back in 2006, the sex ratio was 104–106 boy per 100 girls, a disparity that has only grown since. In 2010 and 2015, the figure was 111.2 boys and 112.8 boys per 100 girls, respectively. Within the country, different regions have differing imbalances as well, with rural provinces having higher ratios than urban areas. 

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