Vietnam looking to import cattle to meet increasing demands

Vietnam has requested Vientiane authorities to supply up to 400 cattle per day to meet continuing demands for beef there but authorities have asked for more time in supplying the cattle. This follows the two parties signing a contract to export cattle to Vietnam which has not yet been supplied according to the Vientiane Cattle Breeding and Entrepreneurs Association. The association plans to import 2,000 cows from Australia to breed in Vientiane which will also help supply both domestic and neighbouring markets. To implement the project, the association is currently seeking funds to purchase technological equipment, grass, seeds, and the cows, a member of the Association’s technical staff, Mr Viengsavanh Southivong told Vientiane Times on May 22. The association does have the technical skill and staff as well as the land and natural resources needed, he said, adding that they also hope to cooperate with Thailand in supplying some grass seed, technology, vaccines and sperm.

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