Vietnam proposes transboundary water-resources management policy

While cross-border management of water resources is a necessary long-term strategy, the question is how to do it, experts say. At the November 20 session of the 24th APEC Summit, a high-ranking leader suggested developing agriculture in a sustainable manner in tandem with the effective use of natural resources, including cross-border management of water resources.​ Dr Dao Trong Tu, a renowned expert on river networks, said suggesting a cooperation policy in water resources management is what Vietnam needs to do. “Countries all need to develop, while water is the basis for development,” he said. Located on the lower course of large rivers, Vietnam’s water resources are facing challenges. Sixty three percent of water volume on the river systems in Vietnam is from outside the Vietnamese territory, while only 37 percent is created inside the territory. In the Mekong River Delta, 89 percent of water volume comes from outside, while the delta only has 5 percent of total volume of water.

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